Saturday, July 6, 2013

Welcome to Winston - Louisville Career and Technology Center

The Winston - Louisville Career and Technology Center provides services to students and adults across Winston County. Students from all area schools including all schools in the Louisville Municipal School District as well as students from Winston Academy, Grace Christian and Home School students as well.

WLCTC offers 10 programs of study including:
Building Trades
Business/Computer Technology
Cooperative Education
Design Technology
Health Sciences
Metal Trades

Health Science

Instructor:  Penny Wells

Health Science refers to all professions that provide health care. The Health Sciences program provides students with the opportunity to discover their true interests and abilities associated with health care careers. Students tour hospitals, clinics, and other health care settings. They are afforded the opportunity to learn and practice skills associated with various health careers. Some of the careers include anesthesiology, athletic training, dentistry, emergency medicine, health care administration, laboratory technology, mortuary science, nursing, occupational and physical therapy, pharmacology, sports medicine, radiology, respiratory therapy, and veterinary science.   

HOSA - Health Occupations Students of America


Instructor:  Stevie Herrington

The Forestry program at WLCTC is a broad-based, diverse
exposure to the natural world. Students will learn all of the basics of the forest products industry, while also covering some wildlife management. The program thrives on tours of various sawmill/forest product industries, national forest/refuge timberlands, harvesting and forest management operations, and adequate amounts of field time. The program is based on hands-on learning, using various sites for skills’ objectives.
Forestry - Future Farmers of America (FFA)


Mr. Bill Stalcup
Drafting is designed to teach basics in the field of mechanical or machine drafting, architectural drafting, computer-aided drafting, and surveying. Students will develop the basic drafting skills, while learning fundamental skills, such as machine parts, perspective of machines, house plans, and topographic drawings. Students completing two years in drafting will receive one (1) math credit.

Design and Merchandising Technology

Mrs. Helen Black
The Design and Merchandising Technology for Fashion and Interiors program will prepare students for future work in design production, apparel or home furnishings, sales and manufacturing, supervisory positions, and as buyers for retail establishments. A student completing this program will possess knowledge and skills associated with fashion and interior design in the areas of production and selection, wholesale purchasing, sales, and promotion.

Building Trades

Mr. Charlie Rushing
The Building Trades program provides students an introduction to carpentry, masonry (brick and block laying), electrical, plumbing, and cabinet-making. Students are taught general building techniques, building materials score, students will be registered with the National Construction Education aninformation, and how to use hand tools and power tools. After completing the core curriculum with a satisfactory d Research Foundation. They can continue to train in apprenticeship programs through several levels: journeyman, master, foreman/lead supervisor, safety manager, project manager/ administrator, estimator, architect, general contractor, construction, manager, contractor/owner, and more.

Metal Trades

The Metal Trades/Manufacturing program provides instruction in machine shop technology, industrial welding, and sheet metal fabrication. Students will be able to interpret blueprints, perform bench work, and operate metal lathes, mill machines, grinders, and power drills. Students will also perform various welding operations, cutting, and brazing. In sheet metal, students will lay out and fabricate to specifications various sheet metal projects, using hand tools and sheet metal machines. The job outlook is very good for a student successfully completing this program.

Automotive Service Technology

Instructor:  Jimmy Dempsey

The Automotive Service Technician program provides instruction in the foundational skills related to safety, tools and equipment usage, measurement, basic automotive services, brake service and electrical system services.  As students advance, they will develop skills related to engine performances, drive trains steering and suspension service, air-conditioning service, and on-board diagnostics.

Friday, July 5, 2013

Cooperative Education

Mississippi Cooperative Education (MCE) is a two-year (MCE I and MCE II) secondary training program designed for 11th and 12th grade students that combines work readiness preparation and related occupational classroom instruction.  This combination is included with worksite training related to a student’s occupational program or clearly defined occupational objective. The students enrolled in MCE are required to work a minimum of 15 hours per week.

Agricultural Power and Machinery

Instructor:  Jimmy Rushing

Agricultural Power and Machinery is an instructional program designed to develop an all-around mechanic, who capable of diagnosing and repairing diesel equipment used in this area. Students receive instruction in welding, engines, hydraulics, and power transmissions. This instruction will give students a broad understanding of mechanical, electrical, and hydraulic systems used on diesel equipment, which includes lawn equipment, field equipment, ATV's and marine engines.

Business and Computer Technology

Business and Computer Technology is designed to educate, train, and provide guidance for secondary vocational students who seek to develop the knowledge, skills, and behavioral characteristics necessary for successful entry level employment in office occupations for the twenty-first century.  These courses are designed for students who plan to enter the work force upon graduation as well as those students continuing their education after graduation. In addition to computer-based courses, the department offers classes in a variety of areas including accounting, law, and management.
FBLA is the extra-curricular activity found in the Business Department. FBLA offers students interested in business and business-related fields an opportunity to develop leadership skills by attending conferences, participating in community service activities, networking with local businesses, meeting FBLA members throughout the nation, and having fun!