Wednesday, February 10, 2016

CTC Teacher of the Year

Congratulations to Mr. Chawan Jernigan who has been honored as the Teacher of the Year from the Winston-Louisville Career & Technology Center for 2015-2016.   Mr. Jernigan is a 1997 honor graduate of Louisville High School. He has also completed 3 degree programs from Mississippi State University: a bachelor's degree in Business Information Systems (2001); a Master’s in Educational Technology (2003); an Education Specialist in Educational Technology (2015). His work experience spans from computer technical support, banking and finance, Boy’s and Girl’s Club of Winston County staff and director, computer repair, and his current profession of teaching. He is married to Kristi Jernigan, who also teaches at LHS. They have three children. He has several goals as a teacher; they include, but are not limited to: (1) to impart knowledge about education AND life to every student; (2) to demonstrate that teachers can impact personal lives of students by caring about more than grades; (3) to teach students to respect everyone.

Mr. Jernigan, with his wife, Kristy and mom, Doris.

LMSD Teachers of the Year