Friday, May 19, 2017

Forestry Teams receive Recognition at State Competition

WLCTC Forestry Teams Receive Recognition at State Event

On Friday, May 12th, the Forestry Program from the Winston-Louisville Career & Technology Center competed in the annual FFA State Forestry contest in Ellisville, Mississippi.  This event is team-based with individual scores calculated in the areas of:  general knowledge examination, forestry tool identification, tree identification, compass and pacing course, and sawlog volume estimation.  Two teams represented the WLCTC in the competition.  Team A consisted of Braden Estes, RJ Pierce, Jesse Boydstun, & Holland Humphries.  This team placed third overall in the state.  The members of Team B were Mack Ball, Lance Sanders, Peyton McCool, & Dylan Castle.  Team B received the honor of placing in the top ten in the state.  The various skills these students acquired through the Forestry program allowed them to represent WLCTC and Winston County well.Pictured here are Third Place State Winners from Team A.
3rd Place Winners:  Holland Humphries, Braden Estes, Jesse Boydstun, & Not Pictured RJ Pierce

Friday, May 12, 2017

Dare To Be Different Award

Haley Smith, Christi Vanlandinghame & Mikayla Sullivan
The “Dare to Be Different” Award is given each year at the Winston-Louisville Career & Technology Center to deserving students who have chosen to pursue an area of study in a non-traditional field.  This year’s students are Mikayla Sullivan & Haley Smith both of Louisville High School.  Mikayla has been a student at WLCTC for two years.  She studied Culinary Arts for two years and also attended Career Pathway Experience this year.  Mikayla is described by her teacher as the type of student that any teacher would love to have.  She is one who comes early and stays late.  She has participated in various community service projects and has worked many hours outside of school helping with projects for the program.  She competed in State competition this year for the FCCLA student organization, and she and her partner placed 2nd in the Chapter Service Project Display.  Haley has attended WLCTC for two years in the Welding program.  She has been very active in the SkillsUSA student organization where she competed in the Job Demonstration competition for two years.  She placed 3rd in District in 2016.  This year she placed 1st in District and 2nd in State.   She is described by her teacher as being a student that is always available to help with anything that is needed.  She is a hard worker and works well with other students.  Both of these students plan to continue their education at East Central Community College and will receive full tuition scholarships to pay for their school.  Pictured here with Mikayla and Haley is Student Services Coordinator, Christi VanLandingham.

Teacher Academy Grad Fun!

2nd Block Teacher Appreciation! 
Teacher Appreciation Corsage!!

Monday, May 8, 2017

MCEF Awards

Students from WLCTC were recently honored at the annual Mississippi Construction Education Foundation Awards Banquet in Jackson, MS.  Students honored as Outstanding Students of the Month for the State were Ashley Clark, Drew Fulcher, & Clark Sullivan.  Drew was also selected as the MCEF Student of the Year and received a $500 award and Clark received the MCEF Scholarship for $500.

Thursday, May 4, 2017

Awards Banquet

Our Annual Awards Banquet was held on Thursday, April 27th at Lake Tiak O'Khata.  It was an amazing time and many awards and scholarships were presented to many deserving students!!


Monday, May 1, 2017

Star Students

Winston-Louisville Career & Technology Center 

3rd 9 weeks Star Students 

Outstanding students or “STAR” students have been recognized at the Winston-Louisville Career & Technology Center for the 3rd 9 week term.  Each teacher selects an outstanding first year student and an outstanding second-year student from their program for the nine-week term.  These students are selected on performance, attitude, and potential for success in their career field. 

1st Block Star Students at the Winston-Louisville Career & Technology Center

 Mikayla Sullivan, Culinary Arts2; Elizabeth Stokes, Carpentry; Cameron Fortineaux, Forestry 2; Daniel Triplett, Simulation & Animation Design 2; Markeis Jackson, Ag Power; Keandra Smith, Teacher Academy 2; & Lajordan Anderson, Automotive Technology 2
Kayla Lovorn, Health Science 2, & Haley Smith, Welding 2

2nd  Block Star Students at the Winston-Louisville Career & Technology Center

Cameron Clark, Forestry 1; Markevious Jackson, Construction; Michael Edmond, Automotive Tech 1; Alexis Spears, Teacher Academy 1

Caden Collins, Career Pathway Experience

3rd Block Star Students at the Winston-Louisville Career & Technology Center


Elijah Caudill, Welding 1; Eric Humphries, Health Science 1; Montana Edmonds, Culinary Arts 1; Preston Grice, Ag Tech; & Dontae Ball, Simulation & Animation Design 1